All You Need to Know About Eugene Thordahl

This guy has done it all. Eugene started out in 1958 as a chemist, working for Peter Cooper Corporation in western New York state. It only took him 25 years to become President of the company. He held just about every office in between along the way. In 1988 Peter Cooper Corp. closed its doors and there was Eugene. What's a man to do? The one man who knows more about animal hide glue than anyone else in this country. He starts his own firm consulting and selling quality hide glue.

He sells a wide variety of grades, tells you how to mix it and how to apply it. Eugene will be happy to visit with you concerning your specific application.

Eugene B. Thordahl
Bjorn Industries, Inc.
551 King Edward Road, Ste: 211
Charlotte, NC 28211
(704) 364-1186 voice
(704) 364-1098 fax

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